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“Finally… Discover your Divine Life Purpose, so you can shine brightly, share your gifts, and make the difference you were born to make!”

“Illuminate Your Purpose: 3 Secrets to Clarity and Confidence in Your Calling”

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Fulfill Your Life Purpose
Discover the #1 secret to joyfully start fulfilling your life purpose now, and the essential key for unstoppable confidence in your intuition, talents, and spiritual gifts.
Be Financially Free
Why manifesting money and helping others go hand in hand (You can live your purpose AND pay your bills!)
Find Fulfilling Work
Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that keep you stuck in  confusion, indecision, self-doubt and unfulfilling work
Shine Bright
Why your purpose wants you to shine brightly as your true (and sometimes wild and wacky) authentic self!


Illuminate Your Purpose by Courtney Long


Message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Courtney:

“Beloved soul, you have been called into service by your higher self to make a significant impact and lasting change upon Planet Earth. We angels are honored to assist you in this cause. We wish to help you every step of the way. We wish for you to know that you indeed are here for a mission of love and light. The sooner you delve into your purpose, the sooner you will find the love, fulfillment, joy and peace you so deeply seek. Ask for our help, and we are but a whisper away.”

You don’t have to feel alone or uncertain anymore!

Have you tried hard to figure out your purpose… how to share your gifts to make this world a better place?
Let Courtney and the Angels make it easy and fun!

You’re in the right place if you…

Know you’re here for bigger things and feel stuck in the wrong career Are you extremely sensitive and feel like you don’t fit in on the planet (ever feel like a complete oddball?) Feel unfulfilled, trapped and drained by your current job Have a big heart, spiritual focus, and blossoming intuitive gifts Sometimes wonder: “Where is the love?” and want to raise the vibration on planet earth Dream of helping others as a healer, author, spiritual teacher, life coach and/or lightworker Wonder what steps to take next to fulfill your life purpose!

You have an important life purpose that only YOU can fulfill.

Your LOVE & LIGHT are needed in this world!

Let’s get started…

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What people say about Courtney

  • Rene Isbell

    “I embraced my spiritual gifts and healing work. Now I am helping others and living a life I had only dreamed of!”

    I began working with Courtney to help me with addiction and moving forward on my spiritual path. I began feeling results immediately. Courtney is such a bright light and clear channel for the angels; it has had a huge impact on my life! She has helped me overcome blocks to seeing and using my psychic gifts. I’ve made great strides forward in my career of helping people, and I am so grateful. Courtney’s enthusiastic support always lifts my spirits. She is a blessing!

    Rene Isbell
  • Natalie McGovern

    “From just one angel reading with Courtney, I got enough information that I completely changed my life.”   

    Courtney taught me how to listen to my angels and by following her guidance, I got an entire workshop downloaded to me while playing in the rain. They said to play more, so I did, and through playing life just keeps getting better. With the angels’ help, I’ve had tons more people attending my spiritual workshops.

    Courtney is REAL, KIND, COMPASSIONATE and she makes you feel like you are the most amazing person in the world.  I love how Courtney helps you really understand your own gifts and how to use them. If you are a healer or want to become one and don’t know where to begin, my invitation to you is to run as fast as you can to Courtney. Take EVERY program she offers. Be in her energy. It is contagious and you will advance so quickly in your gifts and also learn how to be a practitioner that people feel safe with. Plus, when she is a household name (which I know she will be) you can say you worked with her! How cool is that?

    Natalie McGovern, Blissful Living AZ
  • Michelle Sasso

    “Courtney and the angels validated my life purpose, and now the picture has become even clearer!”

    Courtney’s presence is so soothing and full of love, that just being around her creates a calm feeling within. Her inspiration and knowledge have helped me open up to so much more of who I am. The hypnotherapy sessions I experienced with Courtney were so powerful and transforming that I felt the shifts happening during and after. A physical pain I had had for over 7 years went away, and we weren’t even focusing on it. Courtney’s intuition is outstanding. She and the angels have helped me to feel better about myself and the journey I am on. Thank you, Courtney, for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world that are so inspiring and full of LOVE!!

    Michelle Sasso
  • Karan Siebert

    “I feel ALIVE and driven to live my highest purpose. I have a clearer vision for my own healing business, and my angel card readings for others have become more powerful!”

    I’d been struggling for a few years with confusion about my life purpose and how to do the most good in life. Courtney’s ability to clearly see my soul and to communicate the Angels’ messages has helped me move in the right direction. She clairvoyantly saw me in front of a large group of people speaking. I have total terror when public speaking. I knew I wanted to share my drive to grow spiritually with love and light, I just didn’t realize it would be with so many people! I’m now in process of creating my very first workshop!

    I am now working as an assistant in the light and love spreading industry. I am happier and more respectful and loving to my family, friends and co-workers and most of all to myself! I highly recommend Courtney’s programs if you want to know your life purpose, feel blah about yourself or life, or want to feel more LOVE period!
    Karan Siebert